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Simple 2 Steps to start your Itinerary

It's a simple 2 step operation to get an Itinerary going:
1) enter your Start and Destination above, then press the Show On Map button
2) a suggested route will be displayed that you can confirm by clicking a Let's Go button

Your personal Itinerary (the centrepiece of this app) will be presented showing Driving times and distances between major towns.

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Destination, Attraction and Event Information

Click on a Drive row in the Itinerary to see a town's Destination Information (look for after the town's name in the pop-up).

Or scroll through up-to-date listings of Events or Attractions for the regions you'll be travelling through. See an Attraction/Event you like? Simply press the Include button to add it in to your Itinerary. And including your own activities is just as easy. In both cases a time adjustment will be made in the Itinerary.

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Recognise your Overnight Stops and review Accommodation options

Once you've got everything in the order you like, it's easy to work out where overnight stops should occur (a Mark as Overnight Stop button is available via the Drive row click). It's then a single click to check out different accommodation options for the town with our partner WotIf.

Click on the Pretty View button to see your Itinerary in a great looking format, or nominate a start date to see your trip in the Calendar View.

Navigate around using the Menu that will appear in the top left hand corner or via the Return button located at the bottom of most of the panels. You can choose to Save the plan to work on later or share with friends, or perhaps Email out a copy. Have fun!

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